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Social Media is like Sudoku – hard to understand – just before to play with it. After that a whole new meaning of life is open to your feets.

Step by step, living and learning rules in Social Networking, Social Bookmarking and Microblogging world, you start to solve puzzles in Social Media, just like you doing in Sudoku.

Single difference is that you don’t work with numbers, you work with people, and many of them don’t share same interests, and lot of them even don’t want to know or to follow unwriten rules of Social Media.

But if you follow advices and principles give by older and professional users and lovers of Social Networks, you’ll take to the road of endless friendship with all people that are addicted to Social Media and Microblogging, which help to grow and teach year after year new communities, that are more and more on networks.

I love Social Media and Sudoku… so many times I find relation between rules to apply to them, to improve logic, but also to be a true friend.


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