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For about some years to nowadays, we hear often and often this expression “Century Speed”. But what is the real meaning of such a finical expression?
For example, I observe everyday “the human haste”. Nobody seems to have any kind of patience, they all seem to want the same thing: to solve everything as soon as possible. We simply don’t have time enough time, and no matter how hard we’ll try to win this race against TIME, in the end we are LOOSERS. It seems that we don’t understand this, as long as all we are doing is to run and run , like this final meeting would be a happy one.
Unfortunately, we don’t realize that in this “hurry” we forget to take some time for things that really matters: to smile, to say “thank you”, to think about the others, to say “I love you”, to dream…
It’s TIME to make some TIME for what really matters!

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